Shabbat: Minyan Am Ehad

Minyan Am Ehad Shabbat services are temporarily suspended. Join us for Friday Night By Candlelight and Havdalah Together each week.

Authentic davening. Upbeat melodies. Thoughtful discussions. New friendships.

Hosted at St. Mark Presbyterian Church, 2200 San Joaquin Hills Rd., Newport Beach, CA 92660 


Join us once a month on Saturday in Newport Beach for an intimate Shabbat minyan. You’ll experience a Conservative-style service with some unique surprises. Meet new people, learn some new melodies, come up for an Aliyah (if you’d like), hear a thought-provoking d’var Torah and join us for a delicious lunch. Families with young children are welcome.

We meet in a comfortable, modern space at St. Mark Presbyterian Church, a progressive and “green” facility.

Upcoming Shabbat morning services are tentatively scheduled to be held on:
May 30th
June 13th
July 18th
August 22nd
September 19th (Rosh Hashana)
October 10th
November 21st
December 19th

Please let us know you’re coming and if you’d like an Aliyah/Honor in the service!

Do you read Torah / leyn? Sign up to read Torah for us at a future Shabbat service.

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