Mass Appeal 1943

Sunday, Oct. 13, 4 PM, at St. Mark Presbyterian Church, 
2200 San Joaquin Hills Rd., Newport Beach


This one-act play with music imagines the meeting between conductor Ravi Schächter and the Jewish Council of Terezín in 1943 when Schächter wanted to the Council’s blessing to permit his choir to perform Verdi’s Requiem in the Jewish ghetto. For Schächter, the performance would be a powerful and life-affirming act of resistance against Nazi efforts to dehumanize the Jews. This one-act play with music imagines the meeting between conductor Ravi Schächter and the Jewish Council of Terezín in 1943 when Schächter wanted to the Council’s blessing to permit his choir to perform Verdi’s Requiem in the Jewish ghetto. For Schächter, the performance would be a powerful and life-affirming act of resistance against Nazi efforts to dehumanize the Jews. 

This event is co-sponsored by the Jewish Collaborative of Orange County, the Defiant Requiem Foundation and ART WOW/Bare Bones Theatre, with funding from the Weissman Arts Grant. The reading is free, but donations to the Jewish Collaborative are appreciated. 

More background:

In the early 1940s while a prisoner in the Terezín concentration camp in the Czech Republic, pianist, composer and conductor Rafael Schächter organized his fellow prisoners into a choir as a way to lift their spirits and offer them hope amidst punishing captivity, hunger and despair.

Schächter led his choir in performing a variety of popular and original music, but even more courageously, he also taught them to sing Giuseppe Verdi’s Requiem.  The singers learned the Requiem by rote using repetition and memorization from a single score that Schächter had brought to Terezín from Prague.

When Schächter felt that his choir was ready to perform the Requiem, he met with Terezín’s Jewish Council of Elders for its blessing. The Council was, at first, not supportive of Schächter’s proposal. After all, Verdi was Catholic and the Requiem a religious mass dedicated to death and afterlife of an Italian writer. But Schächter saw it differently. To him and his choir, performing the Requiem in Terezín was a powerful and life-affirming act of resistance against Nazi efforts to dehumanize the Jews.

Conductor and President/Creative Director of the Defiant Requiem Foundation Murry Sidlin has written a play imagining the meeting between Schächter and the Jewish Council. This moving work, titled MASS APPEAL 1943, offers an insight into the controversy surrounding the performance of the Requiem and the fear and oppression by the Nazis of the Jewish community in Terezín.

Ultimately, Schächter’s choir sang the Requiem sixteen times. The last performance was before German officials and the International Red Cross in June 1944. Following their final performance, Schächter and most of his chorus members were deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau where they perished, silencing their voices forever.

Remembering Our Loved Ones at Yizkor

Honoring the memories of departed family and friends at this time of year is a treasured tradition. We invite you to share the names of all those who are with you in spirit to be part of our memorial montage that will be displayed in a public space throughout Yom Kippur.

For each memorial, please include the person’s full English name, Hebrew name (if you know it), their date of birth and their date of passing. If you have a photo to upload, we would be happy to include it on their page OR one sentence about them. For example: “Terry’s generosity extended to all and her door was always open.”

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If you would like to send us one photo for each of your loved ones to be remembered, please email them to with “Yizkor Photo” in the subject Line.

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Rosh Hashanah Dinner (9/29/19) at St. Mark Presbyterian


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House 30 by August 30th

The JCoOC is partnering with St. Mark Presbyterian to raise $17,000 to adopt and house a family by the end of this month. This time-bound opportunity will allow the Santa Ana Housing Authority to house 30 families AND ALSO if $500,000 is raised by the end of August, the state will offer 300 more such housing vouchers to Orange County. Read more below.

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Woodstock Sponsorship Opportunities

Woodstock Jubilee: Back to The Garden

Honorary event chairs:
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Woodstock Jubilee: Back to The Garden
JCoOC’s Inaugural ‘Festival of Friends’ fundraiser

Sunday, September 8th, 5:00 pm
Environmental Nature Center – 1601 E 16th St., Newport Beach, CA

Live entertainment, community art gallery, nature walks, jam session, delicious food & spirits, hands-on activities and MORE…

The Environmental Nature Center is an indoor/outdoor facility including an area with wood chips and nature trails, so please dress accordingly for this type of venue. We recommend no heels and good walking shoes
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