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two-worlds-graphic-1Two Worlds – Jill and Amnon Damti

The unique artistry of Israeli husband and wife dance team Jill (hearing) and Amnon (deaf) Damti has touched and inspired children and adults throughout Israel and around the globe. The pair perform periodically for Jewish Collaborative audiences as well as at other venues in Orange County.

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Music In Common, Inc. is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to strengthen, empower, educate, and connect communities through the universal language of music.

Teens & Young Adults! Join Music in Common for an upcoming JAMMS program. Register here.

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The Jewish Writing Project

The Jewish Writing Project is an evolving community of Jews from assorted backgrounds seeking to understand what it means to be Jewish today through our writing.

Share your stories, poems, memoirs, interviews and even random thoughts, as long as the focus is on being Jewish and on what being Jewish means to you. Visit The Jewish Writing Project to read our stories, learn more or submit yout own writing. Or write to Bruce Black at

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